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Lionel Barzon III

A Global Perspective

Lionel Barzon III had a culturally diverse upbringing which sparked a lifelong interest in travel and a more global understanding of “home.”


Lionel grew up between the Middle East and the United States; his family traveled frequently to accommodate their careers. Lionel was born in Jeddah, a large Saudi Arabian port city, and he moved to northern Los Angeles with his family at age four. At eight years old Lionel moved with his family once again, this time to Cairo, Egypt. Lionel spent some of his most formative years in the “Hollywood of the Middle East,” soaking up the modern entertainment scene in a uniquely historic and multicultural landscape.

Shifting from one “hometown” to another every few years shaped Lionel’s perspective for life. He regularly had the opportunity to explore brand new locations and cultures that seemed foreign to him– and now that he has settled into his college career in the United States, he continues to seek out these opportunities personally. Time and time again, he’s drawn to the quintessential Arabian beauty that defined the first four years of his life, and he has traveled to various Arab countries to explore his roots. He’s especially interested in the unique architectural history of Saudi Arabia, as well as the rich cultural history of Egypt.

Lionel has steadily lived in the United States since 2009, and he is a dual enrolled business student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville and Calhoun Community College. Unsurprisingly, he’s taken opportunities to explore various states over the years as well. He has visited the majority of the states and has lived in New Hampshire, Texas, Indiana, and California.

Although Lionel was just four years old when his family moved away from Jeddah, he credits the area with first opening his eyes to the wonders of the global world. Its designation as a port city and its proximity to the Horn of Africa made for a diverse community of independent travelers and kindred spirits alike. Rather than convince Lionel that there was no place like his hometown, Jeddah actually inspires him to this day to never grow complacent– and to explore new parts of the world every chance he gets.

This “global perspective” is one that Lionel is always seeking to expand. Having had the desire for travel and cultural experience instilled upon him from such a young age, Barzon has retained his desire to expand his horizons both literal and figurative. He continues to travel whenever given the opportunity, and enjoys discussing and learning more about other cultures and gaining a broader, more well-rounded global perspective.